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       The information on this site is for the benefit of all persons diagnosed with any form of neurodegenerative disease.  This includes M.S., Lupus, A.D.D., Parkinson’s, etc.

      In November of 2002, my son was diagnosed with ALS.  It brought my family to a level of grief that you cannot put into words unless you have lived through it.  You can succumb to the grief or rise above it.  That is what I decided to do.  RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH

     There is no medical treatment available for ALS that provides a cure.  Many of the recommended drugs cause serious side effects causing rapid progression of the disease.  The majority of long-term survivors have opted to use non-drug support.  I began researching extensively. I found many promising and unheard of protocols.  These protocols had never been addressed by mainstream medical professionals. 

      The other criterion was investigating the cause [s] of the disease and methods of detoxification.  Using a high-resolution microscope, any toxin in the bloodstream can be identified and treated.  Unfortunately, there is no standard testing offered to patients to determine identifiable toxins in the bloodstream.

     I began posting some of this information on ALS sites.  The majority of information was never posted and/or was virtually attacked by medical professionals.    With information in hand, I attended a local support group.  The nurse- facilitator humiliated and chastised me in front of the group.  I left.  I never received notification about meetings from that point on. 

     The next day I reassessed everything.  If information is presented in the form of a statement, that statement is challenged or censored.  However, if the same information is presented in the form of a question, it does not challenge the medical establishment.  They are granted the last word. 

     I posted a question the next day.  “Is anyone interested in sharing information about complimentary medicine?”  The floodgates opened.  I communicated with several patients internationally who had similar experiences.  I compiled all of the information and produced a guide for persons with neurodegenerative disease. Many of the protocols were supported by clinical studies.  As I started reflecting back on the information, I began seeing strong parallels with patients.  Most are anemic, addicted to carbohydrates, over achievers, responsible to a fault [working more hours than their counterparts], have liver dysfunction [metal toxicity, etc.], have abdominal bloating, have bacterial or viral infections [and candida], adrenal exhaustion, and emotional suppression. 

        There are very basic and limited causes of any disease.  Blood samples reveal all of this information.  Keep it simple.



       This purpose of this site is to express yourself without being challenged.  Each person’s input is valuable.  FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS THE MOST CHERISHED COMMODITY THAT WE HAVE.     USE IT!