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Copyright April 29, 2003    

























            This paper is the result of one year’s worth of research.  I would accidentally come across information when least expected.  The pieces of the puzzle finally connected when I spoke with Tom Lahey, the developer of Lutimax.  First and foremost, I questioned the safety of the accompanying low or no carb diet.  That in itself was the most important clue.  This is my personal opinion.


            Upon completion, I will post my findings and references.  I am sure the allopathic community, as always, will challenge my opinion.  My answer to any challenge will simply be; their emphasis is on the drug way or no way.  The clock is ticking.  Historically, there has never been a pharmaceutical medicine that has ever cured any disease.  Vaccines, yes.  Chemical medicines, no.  Let us all work together for the common cause; saving lives.

            I also believe that there needs to be a diagnostic format implemented with all neurodegenerative disorders.  There is no singular cause with most diseases.  The medical community will say, look at the genetics.  Environmental M.D.’s and Immunologists will use blood samples as a diagnostic tool.  Gunther Enderlein, and his use of high resolution microscopy, has given us the gift of the most precise tool for diagnosing the cause of illnesses [reference;” Sick and Tired”, by Robert O. Young,  PhD.] Although the microscope will only determine categories of disturbances in the blood, one would need a toxicology [to determine specific metal compounds], HHV6 [to determine and titer if viruses are present].  Then, isolate the specific viruses], and other conditions such as candida, bacteria, parasites, etc.  A treatment plan is then provided.  ACAM physicians [ACAM .ORG or, AAEM.COM] have moved into this new and sensible world of medicine.  They are Board certified physicians with a non-chemical approach. Learn from them.


            As an adolescent, I remember distinctly, Epstein Barr, cancer, ALS, ADD, were not part of my vocabulary. Cancer was a disease your grandparents were possibly afflicted with.  As a matter of fact, I never heard the word cancer until my grandfather lost his life to the disease. Children ate well and half the population was not medicated.  My grandmother used to say, “You are what you eat”.  Words of wisdom.


            I will begin by presenting a modified version of a letter I was going to give to Brent.  I realized that he had been given too much information by me and everyone else.  The confusion led to him become scattered with multiple treatment choices.  Never continuing with one mode of treatment.  He was “all over the place” as he felt he wasn’t getting concrete answers and/or treatment that provided evidence of a “cure”.  And then, his twin Bryan, began developing the same symptoms.  The horror of it all.  What was the connection?  What was I missing?    I have communicated with thousands of chronically ill people over the years.  They tell me, due to illness or digestive problems, they are on “the perfect meal plan”. I tell them, “It’s not about your current dietary habits, but what you have done in the past”. THAT IS WHAT I MISSED.

[There will be many references to neurological disorders other than ALS.  Through these references, I will attempt to make specific connections not only to ALS, but other conditions].

            I began looking at their asthma meds.  I had spent a week researching the affect of steroids [cordico steroids] on the human body.   I did find one study that warned against prescribing steroid meds to ALS patients as the drug caused “muscle wasting”.  I questioned whether or not the “muscle wasting” caused by steroid use was the basis for the disease in some people.  It also prompted me to email the ALS site to question whether or not immuno-suppressants [steroids] would be prescribed to patients receiving stem cell transplants.  Counterproductive?  Or, would stem cells be rejected if not used? The question was never posted.


            Brent had made a lot of excellent choices.  Metals were detected in the bloodstream.  He had a series of chelation treatments.  EBV virus was found.  Amalgams were removed.  He received chiropractic care.  He had also made good choices about detoxification and supplementing.  Although he was not consistent with everything, he was still one of a minority of ALS patients who still had the ability to communicate and remain ambulatory.  But, he was not improving.  The treatments simply were slowing down the progression of the disease.  So, I decided to compile a history of Brent’s medical issues.  This was originally a letter to him so that I could walk away and not overwhelm him with words.


            The context of the letter contained some of this information.  When I began putting together a profile of his medical history, I didn’t complete anymore than one page.  I came to an abrupt halt---a consistent pattern gave me the last piece of the puzzle. 


            It began like this.  On a warm day in 1997, you removed your T-shirt.  I recall making a statement to you out of concern.  Your stomach was literally “blown up like a balloon”.  I noticed that there was no weight gain on the extremities.   This led me to believe the abdominal bloating was not about weight gain. The possibility existed you had an enlarged liver.  I urged you to see your doctor.  Respecting your privacy, I did not continue to interrogate you about the situation.  It was not until your diagnosis that you told me that you had followed through with an appointment.  There was no disease but your tests were slightly elevated.  From a medical point of view, there is no problem until a disease is apparent.  From my point of view, a toxic liver is the beginning of a disease; it’s in the works.  And, eventually, it was found that your cholesterol was extremely elevated and your liver was blocked with metals.  The body has it’s own “sewage system”, when the liver is blocked, toxins back up into the body.  This can only lead to a catastrophe.  Two months after treatment [liver detox] the endemic bloating was gone, cholesterol and weight dropped substantially.  No drugs.  Simply detoxifying the liver.


[Traditional Chinese medicine says the liver and kidneys are the organs that “age” us.  For this reason, almost all longevity herbs used in Chinese medicine are liver and kidney tonics.  Without a clean, efficient liver and healthy kidneys, toxins and waste products are not filtered out of the blood, which then becomes heavier and more sluggish.  This causes poor circulation and reduced oxygen and nutrient carrying capacity.  As a result, tissues fed by the blood are undernourished.  Cells begin to deteriorate and age.  The eye and BRAIN cells are especially affected because the blood has to flow against gravity to reach them. ] Peter Glickman


            As a parent, I always believed that there should be a meal on the table on a daily basis.  Back then, people did not “order out”.  They cooked.


            In grammar school, pizza establishments began surfacing.  Adolescents would frequent these establishments more for social purposes than the purpose of eating pizza.  I recall the amazement, that the “skinny little twins” could consume a whole tray of pizza independently.  Later on came the athletics.  From a coaching standpoint, carbs were great for endurance.  I remember huge plates of pasta being devoured along with gallons of tap water to quench the thirst.  I now know [even though I purchased bottled water back then because of the foul taste} that fluoride is produced from hazardous waste fertilizer and aluminum. 

            I then remember in high school, your inability to digest meats.  In order to consume protein, you had to grind your meat through a portable meat grinder.  Both you and your brother, getting heavily into pasta, pizza, and canned ravioli, began having increased bouts with asthma [mucous] and were always fatigued.  I also remember a portable fan clipped to your bed at night to provide enough oxygen for breathing purposes.

            I do know, prior to your marriage, eating out meant frequenting local pasta and Asian restaurants.  Not that these foods were exclusive to your meal habits, but the damage from consistency of these foods had already begun.

            I began seeing you bending over and “cracking your neck”-[muscle tension].  I could not understand with your grueling commute to Boston for years, how you could survive without going to bed a reasonable time. Information about these subtle changes in your health was shared with your brother.  Most of it surfaced while attempting leisure athletic activity.  Then, it became serious.

            In 1969, someone gave me a book titled, “Poverty and Mental Retardation”, by Rodger Hurley [forward by Senator Edward M. Kennedy].   At the time I was employed as a caseworker in an anti-poverty program. 

            The book was based on a study encompassing socio-economically deprived neighborhoods in New Jersey and migrant workers.  Obviously, environment and parent’s ability to stimulate children academically is one factor.  It was the second factor that caught my attention.  It is also the reason I have never been able to discard this book.

            Back then, many families qualified for food stamps.  Migrant workers made the same nutritional choices as our country’s poor.  So little money for meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.  The allotted food commodity from the government offered little more than flour, cheese, and macaroni. 

            This study targeted both perinatal care and the affect on children from those families.  The chief concerns described in the book are, “how poverty increases the probability that organic damage to the brain will occur during the perinatal period.  Consideration will also be given to those environmental hazards during infancy and early youth that predispose children to organic brain damage”.

            “The aim here will be to show how poor nutrition, whether during the reproductive cycle or after birth, can impair intelligence, sometimes by causing permanent organic damage to the central nervous system”  An abstract on William J. Culley’s work on nutrition [and mental retardation] shows: “a vitamin E deficient diet in pregnant rats causes encephaly in many of the young; neuritis in animals is caused by a deficiency of thiamin [vitamin B1;  riboflavin [vitamin B2] deficiency in pregnant rats can cause CNS malformations [i.e. hydrocephalus]; niacin deficiency causes personality changes resembling psychoses and apathy; and, hydrocephaly has been produced in young whose mothers were on vitamin B12 deficient diets.  The problems that would occur in the second category usually were due to motor disturbances in children leading to difficulty in chewing and swallowing food.”

            Culley also states, “malnutrition during infancy causes permanent organic damage in the brain of rats.”

            My question is, can the equivalent amount of neurological damage be caused in adults who are malnourished?  And, or, have malabsorption?   How many ALS patients are anemic?   A secondary [or the primary] condition so often ignored.

            Some of the other conditions in the book linked to nutrition and environmental issues lymph-adenopathy, asthma, iron deficiency anemia, heart disorders, impaired circulation, chronic kidney and bladder infections—muscle pains, and nerve palsies.

            You may ask, why are these starchy foods a problem now.  Breads, pasta, etc. have been part of the diet for a lifetime.  The answer is simple.  We are a different society today.  We are in a high-tech age.  We sit all day.  

            Years ago, adults required large quantities of carbohydrates in their diet in order to maintain their strength.  They were physical laborers. Children would walk to school and spend endless hours outside on the playground or at home engaging in physical activities.  At the end of the day, the carbohydrates [sugars] would be used and burned off.

            Today, adults and children spend the better part of their life being transported in vehicles, watching TV, or in front of a computer.  There are different expectations in the workforce today.  You work endless hours. If you are an exceptional employee,  you skip breakfast and lunch.  I see most people starting their day [if they have the time] with a pastry and coffee to go [fluoridated water-aluminum] and, if lucky, a sandwich.  When the commuters land at their doorstep in the evening, fatigue doesn’t allow them the luxury of cooking a meal.  And it goes on. The world is succumbing to a fast- paced lifestyle.  Without oxygen producing foods, we are also repeating the same problems attributed to the food deprived generation described in Rodger Hurley’s book.  We are repeating the POVERTY DIET with pasta, pizza, and sandwiches.  We will suffer the same illnesses.  There is no drug to “fix it”



            I began looking at the differences between Northern Europeans and the Mediterranean community.  By differences, I refer to obesity, health, and energy. There is a distinct difference in traditional diet.


            In Northern Europe, the traditional diet is high in carbohydrates.  There is also a higher level of obesity.  The traditional diet in Spain is dramatically different.

When you observe the eating habits of the Castilian Spanish, every food group is consumed on a daily basis.  The light breakfast allows the foods from the night before to be digested.  All foods are organically grown without chemicals.  The entire country shuts down for dinner that consists of a multi-course meal.  Beginning with salad and bread [salad always includes black olives, a source of Vitamin E, and flaked tuna with an olive oil dressing [necessary omega’s]. There is rarely a situation where meats are baked or broiled.  Foods are sautéed with olive oil.  The “good” fats from the olive oil offsets the unhealthy fats from meats.  People have a sense of being nourished and deserts are rarely served.  Fruit, yes.  The enzymes from fresh fruits and vegetables dissolve the protein so that it can pass through the liver.  Wine [without an overdose of sulfates] is served to both adults and children [children’s mixed with bubbly water].  Those who do not choose to consume wine will take one half lemon and add it to water. 

     In the school systems, you will always find a bar. Wine is consumed with “bubbly water”.  Children maintain their glucose level with nourishing foods.  Water with a slice of lemon or wine contributes to balancing the Ph. and cuts the fats from the protein.  Then, they rest and walk.

     Around 10 or 11 p.m., is the last meal of the day. The fare {tapas] is light.  Crusty bread with olive oil, cheese, strips of ham or sardines, etc.  The Spanish tortilla is an omelet with potatoes and herbs, which is sliced in the same manner as pizza.  The bulk of the food is eaten in the afternoon.  This results in better digestion.  The light food preparation in the evening allows one to retire without the digestive problems we have in this country.

     What I find interesting is that I never once saw an adolescent intoxicated.  There are no drinking restrictions.  Also, one never hears of mental health clinics.  The psychiatric profession is employed to help with employment recruitment. 

     In this country only 15-25% of the people with alcoholism recover in treatment programs.  Due to the death of her son [suicide], Joan Mathews Larson, Ph.D., authored a book, “Seven Weeks to Sobriety”.  When her son began having a problem with alcohol, he had a glucose tolerance test.  He was severely hypoglycemic.  His diet consisted of an overabundance of sugar.

     Joan Mathews had been impressed by the research compiled by John Tintera, M.D., and endocrinologist.  His work focused on the relationship between low blood sugar [hypoglycemia] and alcohol abuse.  The connection was; a diet high in sugar drops the glucose and alcohol as a stimulus, gives you the “high” that makes you feel energized.  In a minimal amount of time, the pattern repeats itself.  Henceforth, addiction. 

     Ms. Mathews program has a 75% success rate.  She has recognized the connection between biochemical traits in the brain and alcoholism.  The treatment consists of a therapeutic way to treat deficiencies in the brain without drugs.  Deficiencies in OMEGA 6 [lineolic acid-the compound Lutimax is derived from], serotonin, neurotransmitter norepinephrine, chemical exposure, inadequate glucose to the brain, Candida Albicans, and the destruction of optimum levels of a number of key natural chemicals. 

This book is a jewel.  The treatment information for people with neurological disorders is priceless.  I would also like to mention one point.  For those who do choose to have an alcoholic beverage, it requires 6 cups of water to replace the fluids caused by the affect of alcohol dehydration.  Keep in mind; cells live in body fluids, not in the blood.  Dehydration minimizes the delivery of oxygen to the brain causing cell death.  The lack of oxygen to the brain is what causes “blackouts” due to over consumption of alcohol.







`    The family background consists of a strong legacy of Irish and English predecessors.  My mother remarried when I was very young. My stepfather was second generation American-Italian. There was half an acre of vegetables in the garden, which supplied our family.  During the developmental stages of my life, I was fortunate enough to reap the rewards of fresh foods typical of the Mediterranean diet. 

     I looked at my family in its entirety as far back as my maternal and paternal grandparents. I also looked at my children’s paternal side of the family.   If the perinatal care mentioned in Rodger Hurley’s book led to deficiency’s in the brain, could these deficits conceivably create a “weakness” in the brain on a generational level?.  Now I believe so.

     On my side of the family, were mainly white-collar workers.  On their father’s side of the family, blue collar workers.   On both sides of the family, the history of substance abuse was astounding.  The white-collar workers dressed up the situation a little better as it was called social drinking.  People with a professional status are not condemned as often. 

     I looked at the foods that were consumed by this family who were ethnically Irish and English decent. All high in sugar and carbs.  You pass on what you are familiar with. The only one that escaped this destiny was my stepfather, second generation Italian In today’s society, ethnicity does not have any bearing on what we eat.  We are a society of carbohydrate addicts.  We are duplicating the LOW INCOME diet described in Roger Hurley’s book.  We are a nation of malnourished families.

    As a young parent, I was blessed to be able to raise my children in an era where alcoholism was not frowned upon.  It had been classified as a disease.  So, you try to break the cycle with education.  I think it became more of a moralistic issue in our family.  They learned to gain recognition as achievers instead of being arrested.     I now know they substituted their addiction for alcohol with carbohydrates.

     Brent and his twin were extremely athletic.  Many athletes incorporate a quantity of pasta into their diet.   There are a group of medium glucose carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice and potatoes.  These complex carbohydrates are recommended EARLIER in the day for individuals who are active.    The purpose of the carbohydrates being consumed earlier in the day is to allow body the energy it needs during the day as well as the ability to burn off the sugars.  If you don’t use glucose energy, it will store as fat.  

     Quantities of carbohydrates integrated with meat protein, causes purification [immediate rotting causing destruction of amino acids].  This may have a significant impact causing digestive disorders, which can trigger conditions such as asthma, sleep apnea, esophageal reflux, and ALS [bulbar].  I have asked hundreds of people diagnosed with sleep apnea what prompted them to wake up from a deep sleep.  100% of them described a sensation of not being able to breath and/or a choking sensation caused by mucous.  This is not a disease; it is a digestive disorder.  The constant backflow of bacterial mucous can also be attributed to the reduction of oxygen to the brain.  If you take these two possibilities into consideration, it makes sense that the diagnoses of Bulbar ALS is the result of years of deterioration to the airway muscles as well as diminished oxygen to the brain?   I have communicated with many PALS describing this sensation suggesting they incorporate digestive enzymes before meals [to digest protein] and acidophilus after meals [good bacteria which eliminates bad bacteria caused by protein waste].

      It is equally important to begin with a colon cleanse to eliminate residual plaque, which causes limited elimination.  Bernard Jensen, PhD., has authored numerous books.  His book, “Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management” was significant in bringing this serious health issue to the public’s attention.  As flour and protein substances [pizza, pasta, sandwiches] enter into the intestines, body fluids cause a paste like substance to form [flour and water] which in turn binds with the protein [bacteria].  Over a period of years, plaque begins to form in the colon.  The circumference of the colon becomes diminished.  Ultimately, when the passageway in the colon becomes reduced, much of the waste does not get processed out of the body.  It simply backs up into the intestines causing inflammation [I.B.S.].  Now you have a situation where the intestines are constantly inflamed. Somewhat like putting bacteria on an open wound on a daily basis.  This causes the body to purge; people have profound bouts with diarrhea.    The illeocecal valve may need to be adjusted by a chiropractor.  If it remains open, the plaque-like substance will travel upstream and infiltrate the heart, carotid arteries, and eventually, the cranial area [Alzheimer’s].  This plaque also binds with heavy metals in the body.  It has to be eliminated!

     In the back of Dr. Jensen’s book is photographic documentation of the plaque, which was eliminated by patients during clinical studies.  One of the least expensive product lines for plaque [and highly effective], can be ordered from Dr. Schulze @  1-800-HERBDOC in California.  The cost; $36.00 for Intestinal formula #1 and  #2.

     Now, as I reflect back, it all becomes clear.  First came possibly an over abundance of pizza.  The athletics prompted a diet high in medium glucose carbohydrates [pasta and ravioli].  At a given point in high school, I recall Brent not having the ability to digest meats.  They had to be ground before consumption or he couldn’t  “get them down”.  Then, there was an onset of asthma [mucous from????] with both children.  Eventually, the oxygen supply was so limited while sleeping; Brent purchased a portable fan and clipped it onto his headboard. He could not breathe.  I believe this was the beginning of the oxygen supply to the brain being suppressed as well as the carbohydrates destroying the vital amino acids in his body.

Eventually, Brent, along with many other PALS, are profoundly ANEMIC and require B12 shots.  I am not in a position to make absolute comments about his dietary habits as a young adult as I did not have first hand knowledge.  However, I consistently recall him frequenting a local Italian restaurant. 

    Two studies were released in January 2003.  The first, a British study stated that carbohydrates could be as addicting as heroin.  The second study, a REM sleep disorder study was aired on a Boston TV station by medical reporter, Timothy Johnson, M.D..   A video of the sleep study conducted at a Boston hospital showed several patients thrashing in their sleep.  Ten years later, a large majority of these patients were diagnosed with Parkinson’s, another neurological disorder.  Knowing what I do now, I believe the thrashing behavior was the result of a digestive disorder causing the brain to short circuit do to lack of oxygen.  It would be interesting to see if anyone had the foresight to see if these patients also were suffering from digestive problems.

     Another sibling in the family chose to become a vegetarian when she was 14.  I was presented with the book, “ The Vegetarian Alternative”.  At the time it made sense.  I thought it was a very mature step at that age to take such an interest in dietary habits. She enrolled in cooking classes at a local health store.  The diet was your typical tofu, beans, vegetables and rice.  A very popular replacement for meat with the vegetarian population was a substance called “wheat meat”.  It was a recipe using glutinous flour combined with herbs that took on the taste of meat.  Tomato sauces were added to the substance.  Personally, I enjoyed the taste and it did resemble the flavor of meat.


    Within a few months, typical of the REM study, she began and continued with nightmares into adulthood.  The thrashing behavior was also present.  I was ignorant.  Today I believe the lack of amino acids triggered this type of brain response caused by a deficiency of the B complex vitamins and amino acids.  She is a bright and well- educated young woman. Unfortunately, her professional behavior camouflaged a condition I could not understand at the time.  Mood swings, bouts of depression, which sometimes converted to the inability to relax at any given point in the day.  Running yourself ragged and not being able “to get off the roller coaster”.  I believe the high volume of sugar resulted in “highs” and when the body could not withstand it anymore, she would come “crashing down”.  When the highs [from carbs] occurred, I personally could not keep up with her pace and could not understand why there was no fatigue present.  In early adulthood, there were circulatory problems [cold hands], ANEMIA, and hair thinning.     For many years I have been referring parents who had children diagnosed with ADHD to   Take the time to review this site and answer the questions pertaining to substance abuse.  Excellent products for neurotransmitter disorders.  Take the time to take the stress, sleep, and substance tests on this site.  You will learn more on this site about yourself and this disease by simply taking the time to do this.

     ADHD simply means a depressed brain. The United States purchases 90% of the Ritalin on the market.  Ritalin, otherwise known as methylphenidate, is simply “speed”, a drug we frown on when sold illegally on the streets.  Ritalin stimulates a depressed and starving brain.  Attention deficit is simply a brain deficit caused by carbohydrate addiction.  The carbohydrates create a lack of Melatonin.  From the Neurogenesis site:  “Serotonin is the brain chemical  {neurotransmitter], which enables sleep. Melatonin triggers it”.  Most people who have sufficient Seritonin but can’t sleep for a lack of Melatonin.  ADDICTION is physically “set up” by a genetically caused insufficiency of the brain chemicals called opioids, dopamine, serotonin and gamma amino butyric acid [GABA].  Also, Aspartame, a sugar substitute in diet tonics, has been known to produce the same symptoms.  The message I am attempting to convey is; heal the brain with a good product, eliminate flour sources of carbohydrate, and avoid medication for sleep disorders.  Otherwise, the problem is manifesting as indicated by the REM sleep disorder study. Rent the movie, “Lorenzo’s Oil”.  The affect on the brain and the muscles [wasting] will become very clear.  The remedy also becomes very clear.





From Johns Hopkins: 

          “Mutations in SOD 1 are responsible for about one-fifth of familial, or inherited ALS.”  I believe if children are born healthy, something happens between that point and the point of diagnosis.  The exception would be disorders such as sickle cell anemia and Tasack’s disease which are apparent at birth.

          In 1976, a study was published in Japan.  All of the great research is available, but seems to be ignored.  From the book, Green Barley Essence: “ A striking effect of SOD was reported in the United States after it was clinically applied to patients with cancer in order to prevent side effects of radiotherapy.

         In 1976, Takashi Sugimura, Manger of the National Cancer Research Institute of Japan, found that the CHARRED RESIDUE OF FISH contains a strong carcinogenic substance, and named it Try-P1 and Try-P2.  This substance is said to have 10-20 thousand times as much carcinogenicity as the benzopyrene contained in tobacco.

        Thus it was found that the burning of residues of fish or meat we eat every day contain a carcinogenic substance.  Later, it was found that when various amino acids are burned, the same mutagenic substance forms.  The carcinogenic substance Try-P1 and Try-P2 causes A CHANGE IN HUMAN GENE DNA, and acts as a trigger for it’s growth in cancer cells.”  This clearly indicates that these carcinogenic compounds alter the DNA after birth.  It is not an inherent situation.  This is one more reason the Mediterranean process of cooking is so healthy.  Meats are lightly sautéed with vegetables, not broiled or baked in an oven [causing a carcinogenic effect]. 




            Almost every PALS I have met is anemic.  Many or most are receiving B12 shots daily.  The following is a critical piece of information.  I believe it is the missing link [after metals, viruses and bacterial conditions have been determined].

There is also a patch that replaces the need for B12 shots.



Provided by A.D.A.M.



A disorder caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency and characterized by weakness and abnormal sensations, mental problems, and vision difficulties.


Alternative names


Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord; SCD.


Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord is a result of Vitamin B12 deficiency.  Lack of this vitamin is often caused by pernicious anemia, an autoimmune blood disorder that prevents absorption of Vitamin B12.  Although symptoms of anemia are the most common manifestation of this disorder, subacute combined degeneration can also occur without such symptoms. 


While Vitamin B12 deficiency can rarely be caused by diet [Vegans, who eat no dairy or meat products are most susceptible], the most common cause is an inability to absorb the vitamin from the intestines.


Subacute combined degeneration primarily affects the spinal cord but it can also include damage to the brain, the nerves of the eye, and the peripheral [body] nerves.  The damage is diffuse. Initially, there is damage to the myelin sheath [covering of the nerve that speeds transmission of the nerve impulses] followed by destruction of the entire nerve cell. It is thought that lack of this vitamin causes an abnormal formation of fatty acids, which are used by the body to build cell membranes and the nerve myelin sheath.


Risks include lack of dietary B12 [rare], inherited or acquired lack of

the factor needed to absorb B12 [from the intestines, antibodies to this factor [pernicious anemia] which prevents its absorption, and disorders of the small intestine such as Crohn’s disease as well as other malabsorptive conditions.



None is known, but treatment of the disorder prevents recurrence.




*Abnormal sensations of the legs, arms, trunk, or other area

            -tingling ‘pins and needles”, or ‘shock-like” sensations


            -these symptoms progressively worsen

            -usually symmetrical [on both sides of the body]

*weakness of the legs, arms, trunk, or other area

            -progressively worsens

            -usually symmetrical

            -unsteady gait

*clumsiness, stiff, or awkward movements

*change in mental state




            -suspiciousness, paranoia

            -confusion, disorientation, delirium


            -dementia, intellectual deterioration

*vision changes


Speech impairment may also be associated with this disease


Signs and tests

An examination usually shows symmetrical sensorimotor polyneuropathy, with muscle weakness and sensation disturbance.  Reflexes are often abnormal.  Muscles may develop spasticity.  There is a loss of position sense [awareness of body position] and sense of touch, pain, and temperature may be diminished.  Mental changes are variable from mild forgetfulness to compete dementia or psychosis.  Sever dementia is uncommon, but in some cases, it is the initial symptom of the disorder.  An eye examination may indicate damage to the optic nerve [optic neuritis], with abnormal pupil responses, inflammation of/or atrophy of the optic nerve [visible on retinal exam], decreased visual acuity, and other changes.


            *CBC may show anemia. If folic acid has been used to treat anemia, neurologic symptoms may develop even if the anemia is no longer evident and this may cause diagnostic confusion.


            *Serum B12 levels are low.



     This site shows the consequences of B12 deficiency.  Please note the information regarding an absorbency test [Shilling’s test].


     This site focuses on megaloblastic [pernicious] anemia.  Please note the symptoms.  I had mentioned that anemia was more prevalent with those of northern European descent [diet contains excess amounts of carbohydrates].  This article confirms that statement.

     This site refers to “the failure of the gastric mucosa to secrete the intrinsic factor necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12”.  It offers a mineral solution.  Colloidal minerals [all 75 essential minerals in a colloided state] can be purchased very inexpensively.







  We create our problems; great scientists provide resolution.  Thanks to Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D., the founder of Green Foods, there is a remedy for anemia. 

       “Why has anemia increased despite the fact that the amount of animal proteins ingested has shown such a great increase?  The great number of cases of anemia among the Japanese is due probably to an imbalance of nutrition.

       Production of blood requires an iron ion, a copper ion, and a potassium ion, as well as protein.  Without these mineral ions, hemoglobin would be difficult to form.  In addition, a vitamin, folic acid, is also essential for blood formation’

     Even those foods which are naturally high in vitamins do little good when consumed in processed form.  Vitamins are destroyed during processing.  The iron component changes under heat to iron oxide, not easily absorbed by the body. 

     As a curative treatment for anemia, an iron preparation containing reduced iron has previously been used.  This is not sufficient for blood formation.  Since Green Barley Essence contains iron in the organically bonded state, or as a divalent iron, it can be IMMEDIATELY ABSORBED FROM THE INTESTINAL TRACT.

       Green barley grass [Green Magma powder] is 30 times more concentrated than liquid chlorophyll extracted from plants. Dr. Hagiwara has patented this freeze-dried process.  It has such a capacity to heal, that I have witnessed many people on lethal doses of chemotherapy who have lost little or no hair.  It provides much more oxygen to the body than the chemotherapy destroys.  These patients have also reported the absence of clotting.  This is because the accelerated amount of oxygen in the product puts an oxygen barrier around the cells, which prohibits “clumping”[clots].

     Imagine the potential of the product with its ability to deliver oxygen to the brain.


1.      Metal toxicity

2.      Bacteria/Lyme Disease-Any ongoing viral condition has the potential for causing anemia.  In an article from, the author discusses “NEW LAB TEST FOR LYME DISEASE MAY END ALS MISDIAGNOSIS.  This disease mimics ALS.  Dr. David Reifsnyder states some cases of the disease are not detected with standard tests.  The test, RIBb,  is an accurate test [This is a bacteria].  For information: Jo Anne Whitaker, M.D., [727] 937-9077.

3.      Viruses/Lyme Disease-W. John Martin, M.D., Ph.D. received a call from Dr. Burrascano who wanted to know if some of his Lyme Disease patients were virally infected.  He used a test a viral culture test to make this determination.  “Blood samples consistently yielded positive results”. Many of these stealth-adapted viruses cause muscle weakness, etc. and mimic and/or may be one of the causes [symptomatically] of neurodegenerative disease.  [,, September, 1999] Stealth viruses [SV40] can be passed on to other members of the family.

4.      Herpes Viruses-HHV-6- Human Herpes Virus 6 [HHV-6] can determine whether or not the patient is afflicted with any of these viruses.  So far, two members in my family have been diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus.  This causes mild to acute muscle weakness.

5.      Lipitor-Patients are involved in litigation due to the horrendous side effects of this drug.  Search: re: Lipitor side effects and explore context.  They are exhibiting many ALS related symptoms. Some, in fact, are being diagnosed with specific neurodegenerative diseases.  Some symptoms include, muscle weakness, twitching, ANEMIA, fatigue, pain, etc..  If you are currently using this drug, it is important that you view the information on this site.

Individuals with high cholesterol already have liver malfunction.  The   liver is blocked with fats, metals, or other substances.  Any chemical drug will continue to deteriorate the liver.


6.         Environmental exposure.  This also includes the use of household     cleaning agents.  All cleaning agents consist of water and ammonia or bleach.  Both substances can cause cellular damage. 

7.             Water containing bleach or aluminum fluoride causes cell death and anemia.

8.      Carbohydrate Addiction




            During the sleep cycle, the oxygen supply to the brain is minimized due to inactivity.  Most patients with neurodegenerative disorders notice a reduction in limb movement the first thing in the morning.  The brain, already in a fragile state, deteriorates even more.

            A study in process at the Center of Biomedical Engineering Academy in Bulgaria states in the following discussion; “Magnetic stimulation has gained relatively wide application in studying nervous system structures.  This technology has the advantage of reduced excitation of sensory nerve endings, and hence results in quasi-painless action.  It has become clinically accepted modality for BRAIN STIMULATION.”

            Many companies are producing magnetic mattresses as well as portable pads.  They provide the stimulus necessary to move oxygen to the brain during the sleep cycle.  Studies from all of these companies show marked improvement in mobility as well as improvement in many medical conditions.




            In a Newsday article describing the devastating brain ailment called Lou Gehrig’s disease, a question is presented.  Is there a possibility the treatments could be as simple as taking antioxidants-vitamins????

            In the January 28, 2003 edition of Woman’s World Weekly, you will find an article entitled, “Feeling tired or sad? Can’t stop eating cookies?  These brain shortages may be to blame.   The article goes on the describe a “shortfall of neurotransmitters, which relay signals which relay signals between the nerve cells in our brain.”  [Includes serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine]  It goes on to state that doctors have the ability and knowledge to restore a healthy neurotransmitter balance within a matter of weeks. [Susan M. Lark, M.D., author of The Chemistry of Success]

            Allen Josephs, M.D., chief of neurology at St. Barnabas Hospital in New Jersey recommends foods rich in tryptophan and tyrosine-“two important amino acids for neurotransmitter production.”  He also makes reference to DMAE [from seafoods or can be purchased as a supplement].  The emphasis, of course, is on carbohydrate reduction.   Richard Restak, M.D., [George Washington University and author of , “The Secret Life of the Brain”, ] discusses how chronic stress “depletes your stockpile of neurotransmitters-since they’re rapidly broken down whenever stress hormones flood the brain.” 

            Two supplements are recommended.  5-HTP and SAMe.   The SAMe  is an amino acid which boosts serotonin and dopamine levels.  It is considered as effective as prescribed medications.  The 5-HTP serves as an anti-depressant as it is a support for “the antidepressant neuro-transmitter, serotonin”.  Dosage:  Daily; 200-400 mg 5-HTP [divided] and 400-800 mg or the SAMe [divided].



     There are some possible options that already exist.  Beginning with Hydrazine Sulfate, I question why this cannot be used as a glucose blocker.  The clinical studies and research conducted by Dr. Gold, from Syracuse Cancer Institute, confirm the efficacy of this over the counter drug. 

     There is another drug called Vinpocetine.  This is a synthetic derivative of a compound found in the periwinkle plant that has been shown to enhance blood circulation in the brain, dilate blood vessels, and exert antioxidant effects.  It promotes blood flow. 

      In facilities throughout the country you will find hyperbaric chambers available to the public-an excellent means to induce oxygen to the brain.

      The movie Lorenzo’s Oil shows the miracle of two parents without any medical background, training themselves in biology.  Their son’s illness [ALD-another dystrophy] was due to a neuron disorder caused by deterioration of the myelin sheath that protects the motor neurons.  Sound familiar?  How much competition is there in the business of medicine?  Could one-just one research center pick up the phone and speak with Bradley J. Stith, Ph.D. at the University of Colorado, Denver??  An acknowledged expert in our country?  The family is working with The Myelin Project [Lorenzo’s Oil], Suite 950, 1747 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, D.C. 20006.

      RECENT REPORT:  A ten year study  [in Europe, no less] involving 69 U.S. boys and 36 European boys, showed that Lorenzo’s Oil reduced the development of ALD symptoms by 2/3 when started before the onset of symptoms.




               Purchase a roll of Litmus tape.  And if you can find or order the book, “Vermont Country Doctor, by Jarvis,” you will learn everything you need to know about the importance of Ph testing.  This will tell you if your body is too acidic or too alkaline.  The tape can be used to test urine or saliva.  There will be a color chart included so that you can compare the color of your test against the enclosed chart.

A healthy reading should be between 6.8 and 7.2.  As stated by Robert O. Young, Ph.D., “So it is with the pH reading of the body’s tissues and fluids [blood, lymph, cellular].  The pH scale is like a thermometer showing increases and decreases in the acid and alkaline content of these fluids.  Deviations slightly above or below norm can signal potentially serious and dangerous imbalance”.




     People participating in the Lutimax clinical are overcoming debilitating conditions such as paralysis and loss of speech.  Some were very close to death.  This product simply feeds a malnourished brain.  In conjunction with the Lutimax supplement, it is stressed that patients must follow dietary guidelines similar to those in the Atkins’ Diet.   Simply, eliminate the carbohydrates [SUGARS].  I would have to suggest that people make good choices in terms of selecting protein foods.  I do not advocate eating bacon, ham, hotdogs [Nitrates], and greasy foods.  You will be adding fuel to the fire.  The choices should obviously be lean meat; chicken, fish, and the meats should be free range.

     In a recent conversation with an affiliate of the company, I questioned whether or not those people who “cheated” on the diet had minimal results from the Lutimax.  A specific situation was mentioned.  This individual had made incredible progress and the individual decided to reward himself with a “treat” at a family function.  This created an automatic downslide-like taking a significant step backwards.

     It takes years to destroy the body.  Most know the symptoms have been there for a lengthy amount of time before the diagnosis.  It takes at least a year to even stabilize.  Sometimes much longer, due to the fragile state of the body.  Isn’t it worth it to eliminate certain foods to save your life?  The answer is up to you.



{Before and after diagnosis]


     ANEMIA-The majority of patients I have spoken to are anemic [due to benefits in meat products being cancelled out by carbohydrates]. Toxins, such as arsenic, which is found in fertilizers and sometimes binds with metals, can cause aplastic anemia.    Many physicians have not looked for these secondary conditions as part of the protocol.  Anemia means malabsorption.  If the malabsorption is not corrected, the patient will not improve.


ADDICTION TO ASPARTAME-This is the artificial sweetener used in diet drinks.  “Michael J. Fox admitted that he was addicted to Diet Pepsi [to informants].  Aspartame can precipitate Parkinson’s and as a neurotoxic drug even interacts with L-dopa.  A recent study in Norway has shown that aspartame destroys the brain, especially in the areas of learning [ADD]”.  Millions of people are consuming these beverages in order to lose weight.  These soft drink companies are giving schools large endowments in exchange for schools allowing these products to be placed in their facilities.

FATIGUE [prolonged]-Usually several years prior to the actual diagnosis.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION-Although exhausted, the individual cannot sleep.  As mentioned in the REM study, I believe the thrashing is due to the over abundance of carbohydrates which causes the brain to “short circuit”.  The excess sugar that has not been metabolized, will give people a “wired sensation” even though exhausted.

LARGE CARB INTAKE-Sitting during the workday and lack of exercise after work contributes to an over abundance of sugars not metabolizing.

DISTENDED OR BLOATED STOMACH-Otherwise known as leaky gut syndrome.  Indicative of a digestive disorder, which inevitably leads to malabsorption. 

ELEVATED CHOLESTEROL-Liver blocked with fats [and metals] and plaque in the colon and/or arteries.

ILLEOCECAL VALVE MALFUNCTION-See a chiropractor for an adjustment.  The valve between the large and small intestines remains open.  This allows the waste matter in the colon to back up into the gut.  Has to be manipulated in order that it closes.

PROLONGED DIGESTIVE DISORDER-Results in intermittent throat clearing when bacterial mucous is not being processed out.  This begins with a colon and plaque cleanse.  It is like pulling the plug in order to eliminate waste in the body.

COFFEE, SUGAR, AND PASTRY CONSUMPTION-Coffee will attack the liver.  Decaf is equally as bad due to the chemicals necessary to process the caffeine out of the beverage.


EBV AND OTHER STEALTH VIRUSES-I was afflicted with Epstein Barr Virus and Fibromyalgia for 51/2 years.  Brent currently has EBV.  It is easy to reverse.  Usually ACAM physicians check for viruses.  This is an integral part of the diagnostic process.

GLUCOSE IMBALANCE-More often than not, the majority of patients who have prolonged viral conditions are hypoglycemic.  Hypoglycemia is present due to a virus infiltrating the pancreas [creating a glucose imbalance] .  This condition minimizes oxygen to the brain and the extremities.  The patient should be seen by a licensed nutritionist so that a meal plan can be developed.  “Hypoglycemia, A Better Approach”, is an excellent example of the impact of this condition on the neurotransmitters.  Years ago, before this disease was a clinically diagnosable, patients were institutionalized.  The reduction of oxygen to the brain led to the inablility to transmit thoughts from the brain and verbalize them.  People appeared to be incoherent. The inability to process thoughts into speech mimicked a mental health problem.  The book also addresses carbohydrate addiction and substance abuse. Other indicators of this disorder are acute fatigue, restlessness, malaise, and marked irritability and weakness.

METAL TOXICITY-Although you may not be able to define the source, the treatment is available.  Fluoride [made from hazardous waste fertilizer and aluminum,; and, ] and amalgam fillings may be contributing factors with this illness.  These two substances need to be dealt with immediately.

LIMITED TIME TO COOK A MEAL-Takeout; pasta, pizza, and sandwiches.

DIBILLITATING FATIGUE-Most people are able to recover from fatigue within a couple of nights by getting adequate rest.  Ongoing fatigue may be a sign of malabsorption, which can lead to any number of diseases.  Usually present with PALS as well as other neurological diseases.


MUSCLE TENSION IN NECK-One of the first signs.

YOUR pH BALANCE-In five seconds will show you whether or not the carbohydrates are creating an imbalance.


FREQUENCY OF UNRINATION AND THIRST-Caused by a glucose imbalance.  Many PALS are hypoglycemic.

VIRUSES-“In the January 2000 issue of the journal Neurology, researchers presented evidence that the genetic material of a particular virus is found in 88 percent of tissue samples taken from people who die of ALS but in only 3 percent of tissue samples from people who died of other causes.  Specifically, the material was found in the anterior horns of the spinal cord, a region containing motor neurons that’s affected in ALS.

CHEST PAINS OR TIGHTNESS IN CHEST-The sole purpose of the atria is to pump blood into the ventricles.  An electrical response from the brain governs this process.  Ventricular tachycardia can occur when there is not an active electrical connection between the brain and the atria.



      The physician shall do not harm [Hippocratic oath]?  There has never been a pharmaceutical drug without side effects.  Historically, there has never been a pharmaceutical drug that has cured any disease. The patient’s well-being is the last consideration.  The Federal Government has actively protected clinical information from being secured by the patient.  In other words, one would think you have the right to obtain statistical information about drugs administered to patients’ prior entering a clinical trial. That information can be legally withheld. 

     Beware of any pharmaceutical drug that is administered to patients in the last stages of life.  If the drug serves any purpose, why would it not be recommended in the beginning stages of a disease?  Usually, the toxic elements are so profound that it causes life-threatening situations, which can be as lethal as the disease itself.  The effect on the liver [deterioration] is one of the primary conditions caused by chemical medications.



     Mengqi Xia, M.D., [licensed in China] is the daughter of a retired neurologist from China. Her father spent the past 30 years of his life working on this protocol.  BU-NAO-GAO treats the toxicity in the liver and kidneys.  When the primary organs are functioning appropriately, [and only then] can the rest of the body heal. 

Detoxification is crucial to prohibit toxins from causing damage and disease in other parts of the body.

     It is important to remember that the Asian diet is not tainted with harmful chemicals and an over-abundance of sugar or artificial sweeteners.  These dietary standards will have to be maintained. It is imperative to consume foods without chemical additives.  Pharmaceutical drugs, which can cause adverse affects to the liver and kidneys, must be eliminated.  The Federal government has required drug companies to publish all side effects pertaining to medications.  You will note, most drugs have the potential to cause side effects to the liver and kidneys.  To combine these drugs with the BU-NAO-GAO would be counter-productive.

     It is a tragedy that PALS have to wait for these promising therapies to receive Federal funding and approval.  Every day counts.  This protocol is not a pharmaceutical drug.  It is my understanding that herbal formulas should not be subjected to the same criteria as chemical substances.  It would make sense to make these therapies available immediately.  Patient records will substantiate the efficacy of this protocol.

     I think we would all welcome a video or pamphlet [authored by Dr. Xia] that would instruct patients about dietary restrictions and information that is necessary to support the efficacy of her product. [for]

     Asian herbs are potent.  We as Americans want everything sugar coated.  My advice is, if it can benefit you in any way, hold your nose in drink it.  The whiners will lose; the committed will prevail.

      I sincerely hope Dr. Xiu and her family receive the recognition they deserve for their lifetime commitment.  Hopefully, a Nobel Prize.  God bless you and your family!   Note:  This protocol is now available in Boston [clinicals].  More often than not, it is producing results.   NOW IS THE TIME TO PRESSURE THE “POWERS THAT BE” TO RELEASE OF THIS IMPORTANT PROTOCOL.   DEMAND NATIONWIDE ACCESS TO THIS HARMLESS HERBAL COMBINATION BY PROTESTING ON ALS SITES.  USE OF CHEMICAL DRUGS WITH THIS COMPOUND REDUCE OR INVALIDATE IT’S EFFICACY.



COPAXONE-This drug is currently used for the treatment of M.S..  It is being considered for the treatment of ALS. 

     I urge you to research the side effects of this drug.  I urge you to consider the subsequent damage this drug will impose on an already fragile patient.  Many of these drugs, if administered to healthy individuals, would create chronic symptoms.



      I am not an expert, just a realist.  I just ask questions.  Unfortunately, many questions I posted on the ALS site-----Well, someone chose not to present my question [re: stem cell] and chose not to provide an answer to my question.

     From what I know of stem cell transplants, I feel it may possibly be a viable choice for those with spinal cord injuries.  Maybe.  I also know that part of the protocol is to administer anti-rejection drugs [steroids].  This is what does not make any sense to me.  How do the stem cells reach the brain due to the blood/brain barrier?  I do know when chemotherapy is used on patients with brain tumors there is little success for that reason.  The medication does not reach the brain.

      Secondly, the many articles I have read about the use of steroid meds with ALS patients send severe warnings.  “DO NOT use steroids as this medication can cause muscle wasting”.  A little counter-productive?  I also wonder how many diagnosed PALS were prescribed long-term steroid meds for other conditions prior to their diagnosis.

      It is my understanding that the stem cell project in Atlanta is not going that well.  Even though this is a homeopathic process [minus steroid meds], I think inevitably it will come down to the blood-brain barrier.

      I was speaking with a well- informed individual one day [Felicia].  She does not reserve comment. When telling her about the stem cell project, she asked, “Isn’t that like putting a new quart of oil into a crappy engine?”.  Well said.  You are putting new cells back in the same toxic environment you began with.


      From what I understand, tetracycline was one of the most effective yet under-used antibiotics in this country.  It goes immediately to the nucleus of the bacteria and destroys it.

      The very first study that I read on mycoplasmas and ALS was a Gulf War Study by the Immune Institute and the Institute for Molecular Medicine.  It was found that “the patients who have been ill for a longer period of time, tended to have multiple mycoplasmal infections. Also, the severity of signs and symptoms was related to the number of mycoplasmal infections.  A treatment plan was developed for both the mycoplasma infections and other pathogenic organisms along with immune boosting supplements and vitamins. “In other studies we determined that successful treatment of mycoplasmal infections in chronic illness patients with long term antibiotics and immune boosting supplements and vitamins resulted in recovery from signs and symptoms, suggesting that these infections are causing much of the clinical signs and symptoms.”  Note:  The British Journal of Medicine found that Minocycline could cause hepatitis, liver failure, and Lupus.  PALS are fragile.  The side effects could create a high risk of deterioration.      Question:  Why isn’t medical grade colloidal silver used in order to retain the “good bacteria” in the system [which protects against unwanted bacteria?  The silver kills over 650 pathogenic organisms as well as viruses.  Dr. Larry Ford, U.C.L.A. Medical Center, conducted comprehensive research.  An I.V. solution is the best method of application.

CELEBREX-Anti-inflammatory agent.  Replace with MSM [over the counter and causes no damage to the liver] Celebrex is associated with some serious side effects and has been linked to 10 deaths.  Some of the side effects are: stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, heart attack, blood clots, stroke, and kidney failure. 

     Important:  It is important to be well hydrated as well as taking high concentrated chlorophyll product when traveling by plane.  There is a reduced intake of oxygen in the cabin.  There is an increased risk of taking medication that may possibly lead to blood clots in that type of environment.

CREATINE-Already found in Lutimax. Patients often times think the more the better.  A sensible amount of creatine is incorporated into the Lutimax.  Do not overdose on Creatine.  It may cause kidney damage. I would prefer to trust an organic chemist [Tom Lahey] rather than self-treatment methods.

SEARCH:  Price or, for additional information.


     Study conducted at the Dept. of Biological Sciences at SUNY at Buffalo-Mice study to show efficacy of Cromolyn and Prednisone. “When tryptase and CK [serum creatine kinase] were expressed as a combined factor {*Tryp X CK], the Cromolyn group was significantly different from all other groups.  The results show a possible use for Cromolyn-like compounds in the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. * Remember Try p1 and p2 studies mentioned earlier?

     Ironically, in the archives at the Lancet, exists a study initiated by Judah Folkman, M.D.,  for the treatment of cancer.  One of the most impressive studies I have ever reviewed with an exceptionally high efficacy level.  He used Cromolyn, otherwise known as Nasalcrom, which proved to be an anti-angeogenesis inhibitor.  Nasalcrom simply cuts off the blood supply to tumors by inhaling the product 8-10x a day.  Nasalcrom is sold over the counter.

VIRAL STUDIES-Usually ignored as medical community does not have a cure for viruses. The various strains of viruses found in patients with these medical disorders are never acknowledged.  Most people have to ask to have these tests done.  The viruses may be an indirect cause in some people.  Viruses compromise the immune system causing further complications along with carbohydrate addiction. The Center for Complex Infectious Diseases states, when some of these viruses persist in the brain, the can cause brain dysfunction. See an ACAM physician.

GLUTATHIONE-Provides temporary relief. Not the cure.  Must be injected daily.

MAGNETIC THERAPY-Internationally, there is a substantial amount of research in progress using magnetic therapy.  A study in Bulgaria by the Center Of Biomedical Engineering, States, “It has become a clinically accepted modality for brain stimulation”.  The North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy has an audiotape available by, Larry Pearce, M.D. [The Magnetic Molecular Energizer: It’s use in treatment of Neurological and Degenerative Disorders].

     The strength of the magnet determines the amount of stimulation.  Shoe inserts help stimulate the lower extremities while walking.  Then, there are mattress pads [as well as portable mattress pads], which stimulate the circulation during a resting state when the circulation is moving very slowly.  Do a search on magnets, as there are many clinical studies to help you make a decision.

DARKFIELD MICROSCOPE-This is a high-resolution microscope.  It allows the patient to visually see almost every toxin in the blood causing the disease.  After identifying those toxins, independent lab tests may be done to isolate specific metals, viruses, etc..  A non-drug protocol is then developed to eliminate toxins.

ELECTRONIC DETOXIFICATION SYSTEM [ION CLEANSE]-This is a non-invasive treatment.  It is merely a footbath that is designed to detoxify both the organs and the joints.   The water will turn various colors at the time of use.  Each color corresponds to a specific organ that is toxic.

HYPERBARIC CHAMBER-The patient lies down in a pressurized chamber, which induces a high dose of oxygen to the brain.  Clinical studies [internationally] have shown dramatic improvement in patients with neurological and other disorders.

Search: Molecular hyperbaric medicine.

RILUZOLE-Original research on this drug was a treatment for children with dwarfism.  The drug is capable of doing substantial damage to the liver.  If the liver fails, whatever toxins are in the body will cause irreparable damage.  No filter, no elimination.

LIVER TESTS-I believe most patients have liver malfunction, which may or may not have developed into a defined disease.  The medical community does not associate cholesterol elevation and other conditions with a “blocked liver”.  Metals, fats, and viruses are usually blocking the liver from processing out toxins well before a diagnosis is made. See an ACAM physician.

      This is a recommendation from Bob George, an ALS survivor: “You should have comprehensive testing done.  Get your local doctor to prescribe the tests.  Don’t rely on local labs to have them done.  You need to take charge of your own care.  There are exceptional independent labs that will send you the kits with instructions on how to prepare the samples.  Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, Ashville, NC [828] 522-4752.

      The tests you should have done include comprehensive detox profile, comprehensive digestive stool analysis, comprehensive hormone, and elemental urine analysis.  Be sure in the detox profile that they test for “free radical markers” including Urine Lipids and Catechol.  Also check to see if melatonin and testosterone are in line with your circadian cycle.” You should also check for parasites.

LYME DISEASE-The assumption that Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection is one of the biggest blunders in medical history.  It is a virus.  In some cases, there may be bacteria present.  People have been treated with long- term antibiotic therapy for years.  These patients continue deteriorate.  Think about it.  How long should it take an antibiotic to eliminate bacteria?  Yet these people are being prescribed mediation on a long- term basis.  For evidence that it is a virus: SEARCH: [Dr. Martin’s study] Note:  The solution to Lyme is colloidal silver [medical grade].

SCALAR TECHNOLOGY-The technology may be the shining star on the horizon.  Scalar waves are not to be confused with electrical currents.  Scalar simply takes a cell with minimal voltage and increases the cell to maximum voltage.  This would encompass all cells in the body including the brain.  Blood tests indicate that cell clumping is [cells sticking together due to oxygen deprivation] is eliminated with one or few treatments.  Secondly, the charge in the cells causes a chelating affect on toxins in the soft tissue.  The various toxins are “dumped” into the blood and eliminated from the body.  During the clinicals, the Eeg’s revealed brain wave corrections in some of the patients receiving the treatment.  “If scalar fields are clinically immunoenhancing, the potential for treating immunode 6-client diseases like AIDS, cancer, Epstein Barr, and even flu symptoms with scalar energy”, Dr. Glen Rein, Stanford University Medical Center. 



LOCATE AN IMMUNOLOGY INSTITUTE, AN ACAM PHYSICIAN, OR AN ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSICIAN-[American Academy of Environmental Medicine,, or American College of Advancement,   [316] 684-5500.


Immediately:  Eliminate all flour substances and sugars.  The myelin sheath is deteriorated and the nerves are not protected.  These sugars can produce a profound affect on the nerves.



Muscular weakness and muscle atrophy are caused by brain dysfunction.  Feed the Brain!


ORDER LUTIMAX:  [949] 492-6642[In California] Non-drug.  Developed by organic chemist, Tom Lahey.  Many people involved in the clinicals have regained speech and motor control.  You MUST follow a diet similar to the Atkins’s diet.  However, make sensible choices when selecting protein. Also, “More Low Carb Meals in Minutes”, by Linda Gassenheimer [Bay Books, $18.95] Eliminate flour in recipes.

      It is important to remember that it takes at least a year or more for full restoration of the myelin sheath.  In some instances, after consistent improvement, patients have experimented with reintroducing carbohydrates prematurely. It will cause an immediate setback.  The simplest comparison I can give you is that it is the equivalent of a mental utensil coming in contact with a live electrical wire.  Instead, it is you brain.



     Finally, last month [7/03], I found the missing piece to support carbohydrate elimination. This is from a primetime TV special.   A Hollywood producer’s son had profound seizures.  Again, this is neurological dysfunction.  The child was so heavily medicated, he did not have a life.  Through research, his father found the ketogenic diet.  His son is now SEIZURE FREE.  The brain was healed with a carbohydrate elimination program.  One of the components used was coconut oil.  I had already noted the coconut oil seemed to reduce muscle twitching. 

     I have heard my son say again and again, “I feel better when my fat intake is increased”.  Thank you, Brent!  The value of the statement may save lives.


     This information strongly supports Tom Lahey’s [Lutimax] approach to ALS. 

ASPIRIN-When it enters the body at a 98.6 temperature, it immediately turns to ammonia.  This can cause liver trauma.  Put two aspirin on a spoon and hold over a flame.  You will then smell the gases [ammonia] emitting. 

      Research is now indicating that those who take aspirin 3-4x a week may have rebound headaches causing neurotransmitter damage.  Do not use aspirin as an anti-inflammatory. [hypersensitive pain receptors are turned on by meds.]


MSM-An excellent anti-inflammatory.  Should not be taken by those with sulphur allergies.


COCONUT OIL-Please take the time to read the research on this site;   A sluggish thyroid can cause a multiplicity of symptoms.  It can also cause the immune system to be compromised. Charles Brusch, M.D. [President Kennedy’s personal physician once told me, “You don’t have a competent doctor if you have multiple symptomatic behavior and the thyroid hasn’t been checked.”  Take tincture of iodine and paint a two-inch patch on the inner biceps.  At the end of two hours, if there is no color left, it means you are iodine deficient.  If the color remains, the thyroid is functioning properly. [kelp for iodine support and Armour glandulars to heal the thyroid gland]

     The coconut oil   regulates the thyroid.  The essential fatty acids appear to be reducing muscle twitching, cramping and spasms.  See medical findings on site.


ARNICA CREAM OR HOMEOPATHIC REMEDY-Excellent choice to help with muscle discomfort.  Also, Zyflamed by New Chapter.


B-CALM-Do a search. Neuro support product for adults.  [SAMe and 5-HTP are available in most health food stores.]


CELL GUARD-A patented product from Biotec Foods.  Search or call 1-800-688-2375.  Protects existing cells.


FLOUR AND SUGAR-This may be the most difficult part of the process as it is an addiction.  The carbohydrates have already destroyed the myelin sheath, which coats the nerves.  Having any form of sugar is the equivalent of putting a metal utensil on an electrical wire when the coating has been stripped away.  It is the equivalent of causing a short circuit and will intensify twitching and spasms.  These symptoms are simply a reaction to the brain short-circuiting. 


MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE [licensed Vodder practitioner]-The toxins in your body travel through the lymphatic system.  MLD removes metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria, large protein molecules and foreign substances from the tissues.

     Developed in Europe in the 1930’s by Dr. Emil and Estrid Vodder, Manual Lymph Drainage [MLD] drains excess fluid from the tissues and also has a detoxifying effect.  It can benefit a healthy person as well as be applied to more than 60 conditions. This is a very gentle non-invasive procedure.


NEEMWELL.COM-Uses: Allergies, candida, yeast infection, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, antibacterial, etc.  The majority of carbohydrate addicts have Candida.  Neem is non- drug and historically, has no side effects.


NEUROGENESIS.COM-Brain support products.


SAMe[2-400mg 2x day]-Raises serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. 5-HTP- [200mg 2x a day]–reverses severe neurotransmitter deficiencies. Can be obtained in a health store.




WILLARD WATER-Developed by John Willard, PhD. Was introduced on 60 Minutes.  Puts an electromagnetic bubble around the myelin sheath and nerve preventing damage from toxins.   Drink it or add a cup of mixture to the bathtub.  It is also an emulsifier, meaning it expedites supplements taken with it into the blood stream. 


QUININE WATER-For anti-spasmodic relief.  Empty out one-third bottle of tonic water [sugar-free] and shake up the balance.  Allow to go flat overnight, and then drink in increments the next day.  Take the other bottle with the balance, and add [from new bottle] repeating the process.


THYROID-Purchase a bottle of Tincture of Iodine.  Paint a two-inch surface on the upper arm where the tissue is soft.  If the color disappears within two hours, it means you are iodine deficient.  Use kelp or Armour Thyroid meds.


UDO’S OILS-May be the most concentrated form of Omega 3, 6, and 9, essential fatty acids.


VITAMIN C INFUSIONS-Phagocytic cells don’t work well if there is not enough vitamin C.  The levels can be tested in a lab.  A series of infusions can normalize the cells. 


STRESS-Emotional Emergency-Administer sublingually.  Homeopathic remedies need to be taken without mint products [toothpaste] and without food or drinks [1/2 hour before and after dosage.]


EUROPEAN THERAPIES FOR NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS-“Most of the European drugs used by life extensionists have been used for decad4es throughout the world, although some are not approved by Food & Drug Administration [FDA].

For more information, please contact advisors at 1-800-226-2370.”



SCALAR TECHNOLOGY-[   Now available internationally]     “The complex relationship between mind and body is now receiving much attention and a new field of research called Psychoneuroimmunology, as emerged to address these questions. 

     With respect to lymphocytes, it is now know that mental attitude and stressful life events, as well as diet, drugs and the mount of sleep can all inhibit lymphocyte proliferation.  To further complicate the picture, lymphocytes secrete chemical messengers, called crytokines, which can influence the brain.  Thus the communication between the nervous and immune system is bi-directional”.

    “ If scalar fields are clinically immunoenhancing, the potential exists for treating immuno6-cient diseases like AIDS, cancer, Epstein Barr and even flu symptoms with SCALAR ENERGY.  The results presented here indicate that this approach should be far more efficacious than using conventional linear EM fields”.  Dr. Glenn Rein, Stanford University Medical Center. [Scalar 1-888-219-3663]


ANEMIA-Sublingual b-12 with folic acid.  Do not forget, chlorophyll needs to be taken to absorb b-12 into cells. [Green Magma].  Ask your physician to order a B-12 absorption test and liver function test.


GREEN MAGMA-Has the highest concentrate of chlorophyll and vitamins out of any product ever developed.  Chlorophyll converts to oxygen [for the brain].


ASPERTENE- [sugar free substitute]-Eliminate immediately.


DIGESTIVE ENZYMES-Find the highest mg.  Take up to 1,000 mg before meals to digest protein.



ACIDOPHULIS [Pro-Biotics]-Otherwise known as “good bacteria”, acidophilus neutralizes bacteria in the body from foods.  Either purchase powdered form or capsules.  Keep refrigerated.  If using capsules, empty two in a couple of ounces of non-tap water.  Most people do not have enough hydrochloric acid [this can be purchased too] to digest gel caps. Improper digestion is the reason mucous develops. Mucous eventually contaminates and damages the tissue in the air passageways [Bulba].  






Intestinal Formula #1 and #2-Will remove years of plaque from the colon and allow proper elimination.  You can start the liver cleanse at the same time that you are using the #1 formula.  1 [800] HERBDOC [in California].  Ask for a catalogue.  You will receive a free newsletter on a monthly basis.  Stools should float when you have the correct intestinal balance.  This is because the stools become lighter than water when the acidophilus has eliminated the bacteria. [Willard Water catalyst will continue to detoxify the bloodstream on a daily basis.  Has a patent [micelle] which is a “particle in colloidal dispersion consisting of a changed nucleus surrounded by ions”.  This aids in reinforcing the structured water already existing within living cells.  

     The Catalyst Altered Water aids in reducing inflammation, reducing or eliminating bacteria, as well as detoxifying the bloodstream.  When the system is detoxified, the oxygen level automatically increases in the bloodstream.  The CAW is also an emulsifier, meaning any supplement you take with it will be expedited into the bloodstream much more efficiently.


ASPARTAME-NUTRASWEET/EQUAL, and an additive to diet tonics.  “A recent study in Norway has shown that Aspartame destroys the brain, especially in areas of learning”. And, from the famed Dr. John Olney who founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity, “An excitotoxin is a product that literally stimulates the neurons of the brain to death causing brain damage of varying degrees”.  “Recent evidence demonstrates that the aspartame product, formaldehyde-accumulates within cells and damages protein and DNA.


LIPITOR [cholesterol drug-Long term use of statins may increase the risk of statin – induced polyneuropathy.  As stated in an article in Neurology, May 2002, some of the symptoms are; Facial weakness, difficulty walking, difficulty using the arms and hands or legs and feet, sensation changes [usually of the arms and hands or legs and feet], such as pain, burning, tingling, numbness or decreased sensation, swallowing difficulty, speech impairment, loss of muscle function or feeling in the muscles, joint pain, hoarseness or changing voice, and fatigue. Has your doctor prescribed Lipitor?  Search - re: side effects of Lipitor.  You will find an identical pattern that fits hand in glove with the symptomatic behavior of ALS.  These patients are experiencing what you are.  F.D.A. approved?


TOXOCOLOGY-To determine toxic metals in the bloodstream.  See an environmental dentist for amalgam removal if mercury is indicated.  See a chelation practitioner for intravenous treatments in order to remove the balance of the metals.


BENTONITE CLAY-Can be obtained in health stores.  The approximate price is $15.00.  Sonne’s Bentonite Clay is probably one of the most reputable brands.

     Bentonite clay is primarily a detoxifying and healing agent.  It contains 25-35 trace minerals. It has been used successfully to detoxify viruses, bacteria [including E-COLI], mercury, parasites, and other toxins.  Fixes free oxygen in the blood stream [occurs once the liver has been restored to full function].  Increases T-cell count, fights free radicals, mercury poisoning, trace mineral supplement, liver detoxification, stomach aches and bacterial food poisoning, and is an alkalizing agent in the body. 

     From the MEDICAL ANNALS of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA-Bentonite was used to treat 34 cases of diarrhea.  The causative effects were food allergies, spastic colitis, and food poisoning.  Bentonite produced substantial relief in 97% of the cases.  [Abdominal cramps 80%; headaches 71%; nausea 85%; and weakness 100%. E-coli was reduced 100% and 90% respectively after 90 minutes.

CLAY AND AMINO ACIDS [from the same study].

     Recent research has shown that a number of organic substances formed by a combination of two or more molecules can be bonded to the surface of clay minerals.  A number of investigators think the adsorptive properties of certain clays may have played a crucial role in the origin of life.  The hypothesis arises as a result of the effort to simulate the conditions under which amino acids may form proteins within the human body. Experiment showed simple amino acids formed into the longer chains called peptides on the surface of clay particles.  It is thought that clay acts a catalyst for the information of long peptide chains, or proteins.

     The hypothesis was tested experimentally in America and abroad.  Scientist added one amino acid in solution to various clay minerals.  Then they exposed the clay to temperature and moisture variations.  The main findings were that more peptides were produces as various temperatures when clay was present than when it was absent, and that production peptides was significant advantage in the presence of protein conversion.

     Protein conversion to amino acids in the human body can fail to proceed normally through peptide chain without all the necessary constituents, thus preventing its use entirely.  This confirms the nutritional benefit of dietary clay.

     On the basis of these findings, the three investigators propose that temperatures and moisture bring about distribution and redistribution of amino acids on the surface of the clay particles that favors the amino acid linkage into peptide chains.  As moisture touches the surface of the clay mineral, the active site on the surface that speeds the formation of peptides from amino acids is cleared.  When the moisture is absorbed, new sites become available for other amino acids to form new chains.  This continuous function completely dependent upon clay type minerals in proper configuration, synonymous with life.

-Scientific American


      Think of the potential of this product as an aid to amino acid restoration.



Ph-Litmus tape can be purchased at a health food store.  You will have an immediate answer as to whether or not your carbohydrate intake is too high.


WATER-Drink non-tap in order to eliminate aluminum fluoride and bleach.  Willard water would be a good option as it heals and detoxifies.  Add one ounce to a gallon of non-tap water.   From Taber’s Medical Dictionary: “Fluoride, 50-500 mgs [remember fluoride is cumulative]-causes nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, MUSCLE WEAKNESS, tremors, central depression, death in shock”.


FOOD LABELS-Should all be free of chemicals [to protect the liver].


CLEANING COMPOUNDS-Should all be non-chemical. is a plant-based solution with 1,001 uses.


VIRAL TESTING-Medical grade Colloidal Silver [only one brand is licensed for medicinal strength] will eliminate over 650 pathogenic organisms [bacteria] and viruses.  [HHV-6 test will determine whether or not any viruses are present.  This is a standard medical test covered by medical insurance].


LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE-Find a licensed Vodder lymphatic specialist.  Basically, this gentle and non-invasive procedure cleans out the entire lymphatic system.  Most clients notice an immediate increase in energy within 48 hours.


BATHING: Add one cup of sea salt and one cup of baking soda to bath water.  This draws toxins out of the soft tissue.  For showering; use an empty shampoo container and fill with Willard Water mixture [anti-bacterial, dissolves body oils] and 1/3 Peppermint Castille Soap [non-animal fat soap-prevents pores from getting clogged]





     In most major medical facilities, I have not seen a comprehensive examination and/or a format used when examining and diagnosing patients.  There is no emphasis on the cause of the disease.  No matter what type of medical condition a patient is afflicted with, the cause varies from person to person. 


      A.C.A.M. practitioners follow a sequential format in order to isolate the cause [s] of the disease.  Very simply put, “If you can’t find it, you can’t fix it”.  The traditional medical community continues to explore potential medications. They are investing phenomenal amounts of money into the research of drugs.  If for example an individual is prescribed a pharmaceutical drug and that person has mercury toxicity, no drug will cure the disease.  The demons within will never disappear until you take charge of the situation.  Minor relief of symptoms is not a cure.


     I have presented a substantial amount of information.  The information gives you valid choices and allows you to select a professional who can determine the cause of your illness.  As in every other field, some practitioners are more competent than others.  When you select a physician, ask for statistical information .How many people has he/she has treated with your condition.  Then ask how many lives have been extended beyond the assumed life expectancy and, how many people have been cured or have had symptom reduction.


     Some practitioners may not be multi-credentialed.  There are many chiropractors and talented individuals who have done their homework.  They will refer out to appropriate individuals for blood tests to confirm the causative effects of the disease.  Then, a treatment plan is developed.


     You need to find a practitioner who has the expertise with Darkfield Microscopy.  This will, as a generality, determine what contaminants are in your blood [].  Then, toxicology test will isolate specific metals; viral tests will isolate specific viruses, and bacterial tests, the same for bacteria.


     Interview a potential practitioner.  In this country many of us make assumptions.  We sometimes equate professionalism with the list of credentials or those who charge exorbitant fees may offer better healthcare.  Not true.  Interview your practitioner.  Ask two simple questions.  How many patients have you treated with a specific medical disorder?  How many have you cured and/or how many patients have had symptomatic improvement?  That’s all there is.






      The human body is not that complex.  Identification of foreign substances causing disease is very simple.  These are the tests you need to have your physician order:

1.          Toxicology-To determine if there is any metal toxicity.  This test can specifically isolate and identify each metal.


2.          HHV-6 and SV-40 [Stealth viruses]-Viruses


3.          Tests to identify strains of bacteria The Immune Institute in California found between one and five bacterial strains in patients with ALS.  A singular strain would manifest to several strains as the disease progressed.


4.          Tests for chemical substances


5.          Ph-[Litmus tape]  To determine if the body is too acid or too alkaline.



NUTRITIONAL COCKTAIL-One glass of Willard Water [detoxifies the body, contains many trace minerals, and puts and electromagnetic shield around the nerve and myelin sheath], Green Magma [contains the highest level of vitamins and oxygen], colloidal minerals [these 75 minerals support the electrolytes and “charge” the cells].  Co-Enzyme Q10 [for cardiovascular support] will help to increase circulation, henceforth, act as an aid to better distribute the supplements throughout the body.


DETOXIFICATION-Intestinal Formula #1 and #2 [both $18.00] will clean all of the plaque from the colon.  Follow with the liver cleanse.   Dr. Christopher [deceased] developed these products after successfully treating patients for 60 years.  Dr. Richard Schulze, owner of the American Botanical Pharmacy, makes these products available nationwide.  Call 1 [800] HERBDOC to order or request a catalog.  The brain formula is also listed in the catalog.  You will receive a free monthly newsletter with priceless information.

     Sonne’s Bentonite Clay [$15.00] -Should be used daily after completing the above cleanse.  The clay should be taken twice a day.  This is an extremely effective detoxification agent as it has been clinically shown to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and metals.


CHELATION- This is a treatment for those who have evidence of metal toxicity. If mercury is present, it may be advisable to have an environmental dentist remove your amalgam fillings.  When amalgams are replaced, set up appointments for chelation therapy.

     Chelation is also a therapy for arterial plaque.  When the circulatory process is impaired, minimized blood flow can reduce the delivery of oxygen to the brain..

     The chelation process is not new.  Alfred Werner, a French-Swiss chemist, developed the process.  It targets the 75,000 miles of blood vessels in the human circulatory system. 


OIL OF OREGANO-Candida, parasites, bacteria.


BRAIN SUPPORT-Lutimax is the most significant breakthrough with neurodegenerative disease.  A news station in California interviewed PALS  who were in the advanced stages of the disease.  Many of them have regained speech and motor control.  This has never been accomplished with a supplement in the history of science.  I have viewed the videotape.  I have no doubt that this product will be instrumental in saving or lengthening PALS lifespans.  Lutimax can be obtained through Synorx at, [949] 492-6642.


      You may want to research the other products that I have mentioned to be used in conjunction with the Lutimax.

      Scalar technology has been shown to improve Eeg’s and increase cell voltage in the body as well as the brain.


HEART-Co Enzyme Q 10.  Approximate dosage: 120 mg 2x a day. Strengthens the cardiovascular system.  Helps increase blood flow and will boost the immune system.


DIET-Dr. Atkins has published a book [hardcover], which retails for approximately $18.00.  It is well written and offers a daily meal plan which is very simple to follow.

     Again, try to buy organic produce and free range meats.  Remember, meats are contaminated with food coloring, antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives.

IMPORTANT:  Digestive enzymes before meals and acidophilus after meals to aid in the digestion and elimination of protein waste.


     The majority of patients who have survived the longest have chosen not to use any pharmaceutical drugs.  The medical community may state these patients are atypical or have good genetics.  I say, they have made GOOD CHOICES.  It is up to you or family members to act responsibly.  Ask questions, research information, and most importantly, interview your physician.  If you are not offered any hope or extension of life, find another doctor.  I have given you other options. 

     Also, look for a physician or clinic that can provide you with a lengthy history of research and promise. has been researching and treating the immune system since 1964.  Formerly, under the supervision of Jim McCoy, Ph.D. [now deceased] his work is being carried on by Rhett Bergeron, M.D.. Dr. McCoy developed Oncovac, the only vaccine developed for the treatment of active cancer.  They are located in Atlanta, Georgia.


CHRONIC PAIN-“Millions of Americans wake up every morning with stiff, achy joints.  Turmeric [a spice] to the rescue.  It inhibits the COX-2 enzyme, which causes inflammation, pain and damage to joint tissues,” says Schulick.  Studies show it can lower inflammation by 73%, relieving pain in just one week.  Caitlin Castro, Woman’s World.   Supplement is available at health food stores.


     The LUTIMAX treats the brain.  The philosophy behind the BU- NAO- GAO is to treat the liver and kidneys [toxins].

     An ALS patient who was interviewed by a TV commentator said, “What I need is a scientist, not a doctor”.  She is one of the individuals showing marked improvement as the result of following the Lutimax regimen.  Truer words have never been spoken.  As a country, we should embrace and acknowledge the remarkable research and commitment by Tom Lahey and Mengai Xia, M.D.








Thank you John Willard, Ph.D..  I have passed this information on to thousands of people.  It works.  They are well. 









Predisposed carbohydrate addiction=depletion of nutrients and amino acids=malabsorption and anemia=reduction of oxygen and nutrients from nourishing the brain=starvation and muscle wasting-


This country is considered to be far more affluent than it was in the 1960’s.  However, we have come full circle in fulfilling the prophecy, “You are what you eat”. Due to time constraints and endless commitments, we are duplicating the impoverished family’s diet so eloquently described in the book, “Poverty and Mental Retardation”.    Today it could be re-titled, Brain Damage, ADHD, and Depression.

[Pizza, pasta, and sandwiches-let’s not forget sugar]


“—poverty increases the probability that organic damage to the child’s brain will occur during the perinatal period [the time from conception through the twenty-eighth day after birth].  Consideration will also be given to those environmental hazards of infancy and early youth that predispose poor children to organic damage. 

    a fact that serves to comfort society that prefers to delude itself with myths about ‘genetic’ inferiority rather than to provide all its members with equal life chances”.    Roger Hurley

     On December 31, 2002, a local individual told us a heartwarming story.


      John was a Vietnam vet.  After a failed marriage, the father of several children, lost control of his life and his job.  He ended up on the streets of Boston.  He had become one of the many homeless who live on the streets.  Survival meant begging for food.  It also meant sustaining his substance abuse problem.


     He told me about a young professional man who would pass by every day.  This young man would always open his wallet, give him money, and make sure he had enough food and shelter.  This continued on a daily basis.


     John was moved by the fact somebody cared.  It made such an impact on his life that he decided to make an attempt to “get his life back together”. Eventually found employment.  He is at least able to maintain an existence with a roof over his head.


     As he told me this story, he was reduced to tears.  The young man was my son.  This was one month after his ALS diagnosis.  For no better use of words, I lost control.  I cried uncontrollably for two hours. 


     I wanted to let people know how caring and compassionate he is.  We [and our community] love him and want to do everything in his power to prevent this disease from taking his life.


     Hopefully, some of this information may assist other families in making better treatment choices.  I also recommend Eric Edney’s book, “Eric is Winning”, Beating a terminal illness [ALS] with nutrition, avoiding toxins, and common sense.


For a copy of the book, you can email Eric at  They ask for a donation to cover the cost of the book as well as postage.



May soon change to




the many people in our community who contributed and organized fundraisers to help with medical costs.  Most importantly we thank people nationwide for their prayers.


Thank you:


Carol Bergeron, R.N.                                        

Frances Bernard, D. C.

Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D., research scientist

Dr. Lacava [M.D.] Environmental Physician

John Foster, M.D.  Glutathione research [John passed away from cancer]

Tom Tam, acupuncture  [Oriental Culture Institute]-Tom has developed a technique and offers a free clinic.  Two PALS ARE NOW ABLE TO WALK.  PBS will be filming this fall both here and in China. 

Carol Marquis, Lymphatic Drainage        Dr. Py, Environmental Physician]





Linda Paulhus